Soya Lecithin/ Non-GMO Food Grade – 200kg drum from Argentina, China, and UAE

Freshly obtained from soya bean oil and used widely as an emulsifier, lubricant, and stabilizer in various food industries. A well-known product to give fine and creamy texture as well as solidity to chocolates, wafers, and coating. Soy lecithin is abundant in antioxidants which makes it a valuable ingredient for pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.
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Caramel Color

A pale yellow or dark brown colored liquid that is processed via caramelization having a sugary odor for food coloring. Carbohydrates undergo high temperatures with acids, bases, or salts to form a highly soluble caramel color. It is 100% edible and produced for a variety of food industries. Best for beverages, bread, food mixtures, confectioneries, desserts, sauces, icecreams, and much more.


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