Packed in 25 or 50 kg bag Imported from Germany, Holland, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Potato starch

This fine powder is obtained from crushing potatoes and washing and drying out the starch granules from their dead cells. It promises to provide adequate thickness, texture, high binding strength, and crispiness to baked substances. Used in commercial and industrial baking products, including pudding, pie, custard, soup, gravies, wine gums, potato chips, cocktail nuts, sauces, pasta, etc. .
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Potato flakes, granules, or powder

High steam peels off the potato, cut into fine pieces, blanched in water, cooled down, and boiled. These heavily processed potatoes are mashed, mixed with dried potatoes, and dried to form granules, flakes, or powder. The procedure takes place in a super hygienic environment with modern methods and high-tech mechanics. Used as an active ingredient in potato-based cuisines and a thickener for soups and gravies.

Tapioca starch

An industry-based thickener extracted from cassava tubers in Thailand and Vietnam for pies and soups, and sauces. It is a grain-free powdered flour that is slightly sweet and suits well for gluten-free products. It can also be a stabilizing agent for bread, pudding, snacks, and meat products.
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