Why Dulzer


It all started with a question to myself, "How Can We Make The Food More Appealing and Healthy At The Same Time?" Back in 2008, we started as a Natural and Synthetic Food Ingredient, Food Color, And Food Flavour Supplier to our customers. We visioned to create a safe haven for you and your food deliverables and to provide the high-quality products explicitly tailored to our client’s needs. About time, we had hundreds of clients and sponsors who supported our vision, including food, confectionery, dairy, snacks, beverages, bakeries, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical industries. Undoubtedly, we exceeded their expectations by using high-end technology and marketing solutions to create the perfect blend of colors and appetizing flavors.

"Better Ingredients Better Products"


Dulzer stands as a comprehensive solution for a diverse range of food industries, offering a wide array of products designed to meet the varied requirements of our customers. Our commitment to quality is evident through our adherence to the latest regulatory guidelines, holding certifications such as ISO 22000, HALAL, and HACCP.

With a decade of experience in the industry, Dulzer has been consistently supplying high-quality natural and synthetic food ingredients. We take pride in our ability to guarantee the quality of our products, ensuring timely delivery to meet the demands of our clientele.

Our strength lies in a dedicated team of field experts, including scientists, management professionals, and analysts. This team is well-equipped to provide hands-on advice on a multitude of matters related to food ingredients, contributing to the success and satisfaction of our customers.

Operating on a global scale, Dulzer proudly maintains a widespread network, supplying the finest food ingredients to customers around the world. This global reach further solidifies our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.


Supplying high-quality natural and synthetic food ingredients for over a decade


We make sure to deliver the perfect food ingredients on time.


A team of expert scientists, management team, and analysts to give hands on advice on various matters


Supplying the best food ingredients to customers all over the world