Cocoa Powder

Cocoa beans are uprooted from the farms of Spain and Indonesia. They are crushed under pressure utilizing the latest technologies and advanced methods, refined to remove fat or cocoa butter, and then dried out to form solid cocoa powder. Enriched with numerous health benefits, FLI manufactured cocoa powder is ambrosial and gives finger-licking flavor to your chocolate products.
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Cocoa Butter

Cocoa butter is a pale-yellow edible vegetable fat drawn from cocoa beans produced in Spain and Indonesia. They are fermented, roasted, and then segregated to provide a flavorful chocolaty taste and aroma to confectioneries and pharmaceutical products. Besides, it provides the best stability to chocolates before melting into the consumer’s mouths.
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Types Include: 

● Natural Cocoa Powder ● Light Brown Alkalized Cocoa Powder ● Medium Brown Alkalized Cocoa Powder ● Dark Brown Alkalized Cocoa Powder ● Reddish Brown Alkalized Cocoa Powder ● Black Cocoa Powder

Cocoa mass

Cocoa mass is a cocoa liquor that is processed through 100% pure raw and roasted cocoa beans. It is ground, refined, and converted into a smooth liquid which intensifies and strengthens the flavor and color of your specialized and signature chocolate products and confectioneries.
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