Packed in 15,20, and 25 kgs Drum and Carton, which is exclusively imported from the land of the UK, Austria, and Singapore.

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Natural Flavors

Providing our customers with the best of Nature’s blessings. Natural food flavors are derived from 100% pure fruits, vegetables, and spices processed in a high-tech environment using recent trends and informatics. Our flavor-checking department checks all the boxes for prime quality, food safety, and freshness. Enjoy the wide range of natural flavors by Dulzer.

Synthetic Flavors

The sight of the food compels the customers, but the flavor does the actual magic into luring people to buy more of the food product. Synthetic flavors are additives that give an appetizing taste to the foods. Dulzer has an extensive range of synthetic flavors which are approved by the FDA and credited as safe for industries. Join hands for a flavorful journey!
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